The Artist's Workshop

The Artist‘s Workshop is an interactive experience, trying to convey different emotions through various micro-interactions. These „game-vignettes“ will be accessed through paintings, which serve as “thumbnails“ and can be found throughout the tower. Inside the vignettes, the setting as well as gameplay varies and can be abstract to a certain extent

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  • Audio
  • Animation






An artist, who spent his whole life in his workshop on the first floor of a tower, one day realises that the life he is living is not enough and that he still doesn’t have all the answers to his questions. As he finds himself brooding more and more over the activities of other residents of the tower, he finally decides to see for himself what awaits him on the other side of his workshop-door. During his journey to the top floor, the artist faces several challenges to ultimately come upon a truth that lay hidden from him all this time.

The Workshop

The Workshop in which the story takes place is a tower, layered in three floors. The first floor seems to be where the protagonist works. The second is a hall for the elite artists. A seemingly inaccessible area for the protagonist. However, next to the hall stands a ladder, leading to the attic. Something has to be up there aswell.

The Vignettes

While walking through the tower, the artist might look at different paintings and other forms of artistry. When doing so he lets the player experience his feelings through so called „game-vignettes“. These are short gameplay segments meant to convey the artists feelings or imaginations.


    • Illustration,
    • Concept Art,
    • 2D Animation,
    • Level Design
    • David Brenner
    • Technical Art,
    • Gameplay Dev,
    • Asset Creation
    • Dominik Kerschbaumer
    • Asset Creation,
    • Project Management,
    • Level Design,
    • Gameplay Dev,
    • VFX
    • Raphael Strodl
    • Asset Creation,
    • Set Dressing,
    • Gameplay Dev,
    • VFX
    • Victoria Werner
    • Soundtrack,
    • Sounddesign
    • Hannah Lucia Brosch