Postea is a 3d animated short film that deals with the theme of inner struggle and one's own past. The film creates exciting visual worlds that harmonize with the soundtrack of Kenji Araki.

Cover image for Postea


  • Animation
  • Project-Management



In Postea the protagonist wanders through the vast landscapes of her inner self and come upon old cast-off personas of herself. She discovers that a part of herself that she left behind long ago is still wandering around in the catacombs of her subconscious. It haunts her until, in the end, she finds no way out but to confront and fight it. It’s an abstract short film about personal growth, transformation and facing parts of our own that we would rather hide or ignore.

In the course of our master project, we set ourselves the task of creating an animated short film with a pipeline that enables efficient work and fast content creation. Tools like Unreal Engine 5, Houdini and the use of Motion Capure data enabled us to realize this project in a very small team consisting of 2 core people.


    • Art Director,
    • Environment ,
    • Technical Artist
    • Fabian Sonnleithner
    • Environment Artist,
    • Cloth
    • Jenny Huang
    • Management
    • Benjamin Typplt
    • Concept Artist,
    • Texturing,
    • Modeling
    • Marie-Christin Aufinger,
    • Florian Weiermann,
    • Viktoria Werner,
    • Dominik Kerschbaumer,
    • Raphael Strodl
    • Music
    • Kenji Araki