"Adulting" is a interactive story tackling the topic of the perception of being an adult in society and embedding the feeling of insecurity that accompanies the term.

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  • Animation
  • Audio
  • Project-Management
  • Game
  • Web
  • Communication Design



"Adulting" is an interactive visual novel tackling the topic of the perception of being and becoming an adult in society as well as the question of what triggers this feeling of being an adult and whether there is a point at which one actually feels completely like an adult. In doing so, we not only want to shed light on the process that a teenager goes through to become a young adult, but also look at older groups of people. The goal is to embed the feeling of insecurity that accompanies the term »being an adult« in the form of a visual, interactive story and to enable the recipients to deal with this topic individually but also socially. "Adulting" is more a experience than game focusing heavily on storytelling and mini games which evoke a specific emotion. All those tiny interactions should focus on different problematic aspects of our three characters who should represent different age groups who are struggling with different aspects of being an adult. It is a third person side scroller and a single player. Additionally to clickable storytelling interactions the player can also write messages and send them to other players to share how they feel with this topic and get comfort in other people talking about it. The project is created with Unreal Engine and Blueprinting systems as well as Wwise for Audio.

Adulting Game Soundtracks
Composer: Anja Lechthaler
Co-Composer: Thelonious Hamel
LINK: https://on.soundcloud.com/3RF7P


    • Project Lead,
    • Producing,
    • Art Direction,
    • Visual Development,
    • 3D/2D Artist
    • Marie-Christin Aufinger
    • Visual Development,
    • 3D/2D Artist,
    • Concept/Idea,
    • Game Programming
    • Hannah Fehkührer
    • Visual Development,
    • 3D/2D Artist,
    • Concept/Idea,
    • Game Programming
    • Mira Schobesberger
    • Visual Development,
    • 3D/2D Artist,
    • Concept/Idea,
    • UI,
    • Graphic Design
    • Renaldo Rohrmoser
    • Concept/Idea,
    • Sounddesign,
    • Audio Lead,
    • Music
    • Anja Lechthaler
    • Additional Game Programming
    • Dominik Kerschbaumer
    • Additional 3D/2D Artist
    • Ursula Holub
    • Additional 3D/2D Artist
    • Fabian Sonnleithner
    • Additional Sounddesign
    • Max Wöß
    • Additional Sounddesign & Music
    • Michael Thelonious Hamel
    • Web Programming
    • Jonas Pfannkuche
    • Additional Game Programming
    • Simon Seebacher
    • Additional Game Programming
    • Ekkehard Damisch
    • Additional Game Programming
    • Victoria Werner
    • Additional Game Programming
    • Jenny Huang
    • Additional Game Programming
    • Christian Keiler
    • Additional Programming
    • Daniela Hader
    • Animation Lead
    • Theresa Pochlatko
    • Additional 3D Artist
    • Nico Urthaler
    • Assistant Producer
    • Benjamin Typplt