Panta Rhei

Panta Rhei is a single-player videogame in the adventure rogue-lite genre that tells the story of Phi, Guardian of Past. As an evil force threatens to plunge the Realm of Time into chaos, Phi has to leave the safety of The Estuary and embark on a dangerous expedition to the Origin of Time.

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You take on the role of Phi, an immortal Guardian of Time, who spent the eternity after the great war tending to the Garden of Past, secluded from the rest of the realm. Their peace gets disturbed as an ancient force rises and threatens to destroy everything Phi has grown to love. They have no choice but to finally leave the safety of the garden to seek the Origin of Time and stop the impending doom. Their journey leads Phi through all domains of the Realm of Time, ruined by the war of ancient times and the subsequent chaos. Phi has to take on corrupted creatures and face their own emerging demons of the past to make it to the end.

But Phi won't be strong enough to reach the Origin of Time right from the beginning. Their advances will be met with ever more powerful adversaries the further they depart from the garden - and eventually, Phis' time will run out, sending them back to their safe home. This allows Phi to recollect themselves, unlock new abilities and prepare their strategy for the next venture into the ever-changing Realm of Time.

Every time you start a new run the world of Panta Rhei changes, unveiling new encounters and opportunities to explore. The world is semi-procedurally generated and adapts to the actions taken in previous runs. Careful exploration rewards you with temporary upgrades that enhance your various combat and movement abilities. There will be a variety of upgrades to choose from during every run to allow for different builds and strategies for every run-through.

Time is your weapon

For the Guardian of Past time is not a constant but something they can shape to their own will. The power to revert the last few seconds can save Phi from mistakes and allows for unexpected comebacks. Later they will learn to create time rifts that let Phi reposition themself in the blink of an eye to dodge attacks or set up the perfect strike.

Time is also quite literally your most valuable resource in Panta Rhei - instead of a classic health bar Phi has a limited amount of time to spend in the realm. Defeating enemies and clearing corruption from the world rewards Phi with additional seconds to keep going for a little bit longer. But every time they get hit by one of the so-called deviant adversaries they lose time.

Behind the clockwork

The team behind Panta Rhei is an interdisciplinary troupe of (former) MultimedaArt and MultimediaTech students. Panta Rhei is currently in a public pre-alpha testing phase on steam and will enter Early Access in 2024.


    • Game Director,
    • Game Design Lead,
    • Producer
    • Nico Vana
    • Tech Lead,
    • Project Manager,
    • Game Writer,
    • Community Manager
    • Raffael Moser
    • Art Director,
    • UI/UX Designer,
    • 2D Artist,
    • Concept Artist
    • Sabi Loder
    • Art Lead,
    • Animation Lead,
    • Technical Artist
    • Max Schulz
    • Technical Artist,
    • Graphics Programmer
    • Manuel Obertlik
    • Audio Director/Lead,
    • Sound Designer,
    • Composer
    • Lukes Schönwiese
    • 3D Artist,
    • VFX Artist,
    • Technical Artist
    • Lara Jernej
    • Narrative Lead,
    • Concept Artist
    • Jasmin Schlögl
    • Composer
    • Shanti Stangl
    • Marketing Strategist,
    • Social Media Manager
    • Selina Vogt
    • Additional Concept Art,
    • Kristina Haidinger
    • Assistant Narrative Design,
    • Concept Art
    • Stephanie Thie
    • QA Testing
    • Nico Weiser