Coral Cove

Coral Cove is a relaxing match 3-like underwater game in which you try to build the largest reef without running out of corals to place.

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Azure waters, vibrant corals and busy flocks of fish are what used to await you a few meters under the water surface.
But the damages of pollution have extinguished most of this. With only a few corals left, it is up to you to restore the once beautiful ecosystems in this relaxing match 3-like game.
But beware of the dangers lingering underwater and your slowly depleting stock of corals.

You start with nothing but a few tiles to build on and a small hand of coral cards to place.
Three corals of the same level merge into a new coral of the next higher level.
Through clever planning and strategic placement your corals will soon expand into a large, lively reef.

Explore the seafloor to find new challenges, quests and special structures to help you with your run.
Expand your reef to unlock different areas and advance to new places. But watch out for the dangers you and your coral reef will have to face.

Short rounds, numerous hindrances to overcome and always new strategies to build and advance encourage replaying again and again.

The expanses of Coral Cove await you!


    • Project Management,
    • UI Design,
    • UI Programming
    • Sandro Figo
    • Gameplay Programming,
    • Gameplay Director
    • Iris Trummer
    • Gameplay Programming
    • Johannes Schatteiner