Mach Mal

In a world where depression manifests itself through half-dead bodies, sufferers still encounter a lack of understanding in the form of naive advice for a more active life.

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The illness depression is on everyone's lips these days - yet only a minority knows how depression manifests, feels, and how outsiders best respond to it. Our goal with this spot is to provide a basis for conversation that facilitates an exchange about dealing with depression. With our social spot, we address people who have not yet recognized their points of contact with the illness depression, as well as ill persons themselves. We convey a sense for both sides that the illness should be taken seriously and does not have to constantly claim a right to exist. Through the emotional effect, the audience recognizes itself in moments when well-intentioned naive advice is questioned.

The project began as a pitch at the Christian Köster sponsorship award of the German Advertising Film Academy. Winning this award gave us a budget to produce the film and we were able to realize the project together with the Berlin production company Soup Film.

We were very pleased that our project has now been nominated and won at newcomer film festivals or awards. We were particularly moved by the screening evenings. For example, the short film evening on the topic of depression and loneliness by Dr. Otto Teischel was very special - after the screening, the audience in the cinema discussed the films and their own experiences for several hours.

Depression is an illness, let's treat it as such!


    • Director
    • Christoph Amort
    • Script,
    • PA
    • Patricia Neuhauser
    • Director of Photography
    • Christoph Platzer
    • Executive Producer
    • Ada Zuiderhoek
    • Producer
    • Johanna Schmidt
    • 1st AD
    • Moritz Michl
    • 1st AC
    • Julien Bauer
    • 2nd AC
    • Felicia Herrmann
    • Gaffer
    • Tim Boller
    • Best Boy
    • Oliver Rienzner,
    • Gonzalo Asensio Artabe
    • Grip
    • Akito Ruhl
    • Sound,
    • DIT
    • Sebastian Radlmeier
    • Styling
    • Sophie Bogmeier
    • Make-up
    • Aurora Ogtong
    • Art Direction
    • Magdalena Umkehrer,
    • Paula Nikolussi
    • Photographer
    • Anna Franziska Herrmann
    • Runner
    • Vincent Kläffer
    • Editor
    • Johannes Hubrich
    • Grading
    • Marcus Badow
    • Post Producer
    • Philipp Busse
    • Online Artist
    • Helge Schmidt
    • Music
    • Thelonious Hamel,
    • Jakob Vasak
    • Sounddesign
    • Markus Wilfinger
    • Sound Mix
    • Studio Funk
    • Design
    • Valentina Lancellotti
    • Casting
    • Tröber Casting
    • Casting Extra
    • Streets
    • Cast
    • Maximilian Nowka,
    • Barbara Wandelt,
    • Marlene Schwender,
    • Larmer Warnoch,
    • Andrea Schörösch,
    • Claudia Kainberger,
    • Lais Pokane,
    • Jona Hansen,
    • Kotoe Karasawa,
    • Tomma Kramer